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TIN Certificate :

a - For having TIN Certificate has to submit by filling the following forms with the following approval.
b - Photocopy of trade license.
c - Personal Details (if person)
d - Identity card for permanent resident and the passport's photocopy for the foreigner.
e - 3 Copy photograph of Managing Director ( if company)
f - 3 Copy photograph of Owner.( if proprietorship).
g - 3 Copy photograph ( if person).
h - Bank Solvency Certificate (if company and proprietorship).

Download TIN FORM (Click Here)

TIN (Taxpayer's Identification Number) is an illustrious term in Tax phenomena. As stated in the provision of the law (S. 184B of the Income Tax Ordinance, 1984) "Every assessee or any person who applies for tax payer's identification number will, on payment of tax, be given a tax payer's identification number in such manner as may be prescribed".

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TIN certificate is the symbol of consciousness of a nation. Because only cognizant citizen holds a TIN certificate not for the reason of producing that certificate at the required place(s), rather to contribute the nation by paying advance tax as a fee for TIN certificate.
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TIN has an extra worth for the reason of its requirement in some arena of our daily affairs. Without presenting TIN certificate at that particular place(s), one cannot do his desired job.

Regrettably, most of us do not know the actual utility of TIN. TIN is not only a mere number, but also has some sensible implementations and values. Nevertheless, we cannot oppose the significance of TIN for orderly arrangement of taxpayer's in our total Tax scheme. In our country, a number of people feel panic to get TIN; since they think that if they have a TIN, a burden of paying tax would inflict over them. Person having no obligation to pay taxes chargeable under the present law is free from the lumber of paying taxes even if he has a TIN certificate. TIN is a ten-digit figure provided by the concern tax office; first three of which indicate the location of the assessee, middle three digit specify the status of the assessee and last four digit signifies the unique number exclusively for that assessee; like: 187-101-7543.